2011 lexus IS F, valley plate leak repair

2011 lexus IS F, valley plate leak repair

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This repair is apply to all the 2ur-gse engine. 2007–2014 Lexus IS F (USE20). 2014–Present Lexus RC F (USC10). 2015–Present Lexus GS F (URL10). 2017–Present Lexus LC 500 (URZ100).

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Howdy so this is 2011 you see this F. The is F Sports one is the it's a 5.0 I think the five who know this guy friend um I just purchased a car. He looked everywhere but he doesn't see what happened the I don't know what they called the air like an intake?

Gasket or the alley between the tube head you have a intake manifold. That joint you know water so and it got leaking there and he doesn't. See it because it's leaked under the seat you know all the way down to the - because:

Link down here and then pours new transmission and tortures outside so the core can I love so you can't really bend. It under the car and see it unless you check the car so he bought.

This car and he'd ever know because he keep enjoying and driving it until he smell. Like coolant so he looked in it and got some link under the car so call back? To the Toyota that he bought it from okay which is 140 150 thousand.

Miles and you know by s is mostly vehicle like this and I know for sure. The dealer saw that but they don't want the repair and he purchased the car. And today I'm going to do the work let's do together so how fun it is to have this thing moving because.

Kind of like crowded engine but like I said if they can make one they definitely you can fix one so let's do together okay. Together last waiver had to move everything. From here okay oh hey look at it already haven't hate it but we'll.

See how easy it is to get these things out so I'm gonna remove my berry the negative shrine first? Down this the pull-up so this here is done I'm going to detach this. Right here same things right here in check.

Out can i dry some time is crack fit and this one's still good dry little! Bit only what I'm going to do I probably.

Can disconnect on this side here and flip this over to that side make this wire right here just wire from here that's. A pin where the pushed up there's a pin down here to release that okay and then I'm going to disconnect the injector.

The initial core plug on this side.

This is an initial call plug the alternator me to be disconnected to down there so from under the car here.

There is there's a political power line from the top running:

Through the back of the alternator right there come along to this sensor right here.

With the next to the oil pins and there's a plug right here I'm not sure my camera can see it but you can detach right. Here in the sensor and from the back of the alternator with the I don't know what I called the ignition. The charging line or whatever to that very tight in space not sure you can use your hand or use a little strapped nose to clip.

On that clip right there and push up although why I had! To take the alternator out and cannot film well I'm doing the work because it's so tight in space okay you see with that plug right here it's! Right under the boat right there and you just slightly pull you hand into that.

Little slot and play around with it and pull that so when you pull that!

Just take out this whole line out and worked in the top because. This is plug is the most difficult that.

You can get it and also take!

All of this it's not easy at all okay but it can be done no problem taking this body throttle I'm gonna remove? The stud holding the bottom here so that would be e six that's where we're moving it's like a heater hose - the gas line right!

Here it's pressed down this blue right here and pull backward and that's gee mom you don't have.

To take the the injector rail is coming with the intake manifold maybe see right here this is a clip!

That holding by that yeah water floating through here so much water okay going to remove this way to see what under here if you have. A not problem this is not the work very painful watch number 19 okay there is a 10-millimeter? Holding right here I'm going to remove all of this injector plug and all for naught sensor I don't.

Know why they put so many knots into here when these four others running out you probably.

Of killing yourself for it because it's so expensive not sensor the reason. You moved in not sensor because they're not sensor.

Is blocking the way okay going to take. This I don't know what they call the alley pieces in the middle here amazing they don't have. A gasket for it the only has silicone for it okay now all the boats!

Out so far this year can pry right. Here okay mom it's an o-ring inside here so probably.

I need to take this boat right here out to be able to pull the the o-ring here that right! Here is e8 on the remove this? Sensor here they only use the silicon that's why all of this Sarah come here it's trouble or maybe the seal the orange.

Seal that go inside the I'll show you how to or easy on this right here. They should not put silicone on it they should put on maybe like a stainless steel or aluminum gasket:

Or even do a what do they call a line you know deep line. Here so you can feel with the silicones on it so it won't. Leak out because when you put silicon on it you put such so much tort on it and the silicone.

Actually you know split out and that's what caused leaking you can see right. There this leak from here and causing all the water come out and also right here inside here you have two O ring like.

This and this can get Chan to get leak too if you don't replace it so probably I have to replace it because. It's not easy to take this out - okay here what I do I put some. Water inside here look at bath and I clean it you.

Know that's how I do make sure you you clean 100% that no silicones are around no grease! No Royals nothing nada because you don't want to get them messy. And then you have to do again you know how hard to get this stuff here out yeah you know you don't want!

To do a second time okay okay after you clean everything. Else and you find out to put this before! I put silicones on it and I want to use some of the car cleaners to clean the place!

Here against before I even put these silicones on it the reason. I do this because I want to make sure this have no oil residue or nothing else late. It's super clean here you know to make sure that my silicone will stay a hundred percent.

In here that's why using the car cleaner to clean this I also buy the o-ring for this?

- okay this still good still very good but prefer to get the best okay!

Because it's been you have been in the car for ten year already. And also it it is already leaking so I'm not sure you know it could be leak from here? You never know so don't forget to clean.

Inside here too because so inside here make sure you clean it real good too okay and this silicon! Here there's a part number right there very spencer!

You buy this from toyota about $30 cheaper if you buy this from Lexus this is very very expensive okay about one hundred. And thirty dollars at the Lexus and $100 at the Toyota. So hopefully this is good silicone so it does not happening like the old the first one thank you?

Okay and it comes with this right here okay which is very neat you know very.

Nice to have a tool like this I'm going to put on my hand make sure i wrapping. All of this before want to make sure i have silicon that's. Taking two here before i even put more silicon to the other.

Side for the same thing on this!

Side okay after you are done silicon both sigh then you just take this inside here first and then slowly get this thing? Okay okay now I will toward this to a 15 foot pound okay that's. A perspective that if you looking for one over here Center so you know what to do from here.

Okay so up till you torque make sure to go back to check one more round to see everything is tort. Right okay sometimes is doesn't get to the point that you let off on one! Side and then the other side it's not evenly so that's.

How I always do after you put the valley! Plates in there let it sit at least six to eight hour to make sure this gasket when the silicone secure and then water open the valve litter?

Fill the water up until water come. Out from here check everything to make sure there's no leak before. You put the intake manifold back up and this is very important.

And a lot of work to do so you have to test it like right now before: You even put everything back up so that's my tip for you so for the intake manifold gasket best is buy? New one but if you don't want to buy new one by reusing the basket just using this copper?

Spray on it so before you put the intake! Manifold gus key on it make sure you clean it with!

Park cleaner to make sure there's no whoa in the area you know both side the intake. Manifold and the cylinder head before you put the gasket on it now from this point. To port the intake manifold is 16 foot-pounds that's all you need and you don't really have to put more?

Pound in that you can put more pound I will say he doesn't hurt but don't strip okay because that's.

All they they asking for 16 foot pounds so from here I don't really have to show everything's.

On it the most difficult is to take it out to install you just reverse from what you're taking. Out and that's pretty much it and I already say that how many foot?

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