10 New Trucks and Offroad-Capable SUVs to Go Into Production in 2020

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A perfect off-roader is the one that you can drive daily without compromising any comforts, but when the need arises it should be ready to swivel off the paved routes and dig through miles of mud, sand and rock. Luckily, today’s automotive arena has a bunch of capable vehicles in SUV and pickup body styles that are ideal the task and in this episode we will be exploring the newest models in the segment that you just can’t miss. Toyota’s bestselling SUVs are receiving additional off-road and overlanding upgrades in 2020. The RAV4 was worked on by the Toyota Racing Development while 4Runner gets the limited explorer-oriented Venture Edition. The TRX concept from Ram was first presented back in 2016 as company’s alternative to Ford’s F-150 Raptor. Now, the performance off-roader has been finally green-lit for production, and it is rumored to hit the market by 2022. Toyota Sequoia is largest SUV from that company that has gone more than a decade without a major redesign. For the 2020 model year, this 7-seater behemoth is arriving with a TRD Pro treatment for the first time in its history. Though unveiled in October 2019, we should not expect the updated Colorado ZR2 off-roader to hit the market right away, as it actually a 2021 model. After a rather long development process and minor delays, the boxy looking electric SUV and pickup off-roaders B1 and B2 by the Michigan-based startup Bollinger seem to be on track for hitting the market by 2021. A fully redesigned generation of the Defender has not been introduced for decades, while on the US soil, this model has been completely absent since 1997. Everything is about to change, though, with the arrival of the all-new 2020 L663. The entry-level TITAN is already a well-equipped truck, but if you require solid off-road capability, then the PRO-4X model is the best choice in the line-up. In 2020, it gets a refresh, bearing more efficient headlights, new DRLs, standard Nissan Safety Shield 360 tech, and the usual all-terrain goodies that you won’t find on other trims. The majority of buyers would choose a Lexus GX 460 for its powerful presence on the road, premium cabin and superior reliability, but this SUV is also marketed as a very capable off-roader for those drivers who do not compromise on the comfort even when driving through miles of mud and sand. While the 2020 F-150 Raptor does not seem to be coming with the anticipated supercharged V8 from the Shelby GT500, the US-based PaxPower came out with a custom conversion package to bring supercharged power to Ford’s fans. This Japanese giant was last redesigned a decade ago, so the upcoming 2020 refresh is truly a big deal. The most noticeable exterior upgrade is the introduction of Nissan’s latest V-motion front fascia with the flat section at the bottom. Unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, Protos RM-X2 is the first model from the US-based Ramsmobile that belongs to the segment of all-terrain capable multi-purpose vehicle. It is currently offered in two modifications, Ascetic and Devil, with the latter one equipped with a unique central-mounted track system.

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