10 New Trucks and Offroad-Capable SUVs to Go Into Production in 2021

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A perfect off-roader is the one that you can drive daily without compromising any comforts, but when the need arises it should be ready to swivel off the paved routes and dig through miles of mud, sand and rock. Luckily, today’s automotive arena has a bunch of capable vehicles in SUV and pickup body styles that are ideal the task and in this episode we will be exploring the newest models in the segment that you just can’t miss. Toyota’s bestselling SUVs are receiving additional off-road and overlanding upgrades in 2020. The RAV4 was worked on by the Toyota Racing Development while 4Runner gets the limited explorer-oriented Venture Edition. The TRX concept from Ram was first presented back in 2016 as company’s alternative to Ford’s F-150 Raptor. Now, the performance off-roader has been finally green-lit for production, and it is rumored to hit the market by 2022. Toyota Sequoia is largest SUV from that company that has gone more than a decade without a major redesign. For the 2020 model year, this 7-seater behemoth is arriving with a TRD Pro treatment for the first time in its history. Though unveiled in October 2019, we should not expect the updated Colorado ZR2 off-roader to hit the market right away, as it actually a 2021 model. After a rather long development process and minor delays, the boxy looking electric SUV and pickup off-roaders B1 and B2 by the Michigan-based startup Bollinger seem to be on track for hitting the market by 2021. A fully redesigned generation of the Defender has not been introduced for decades, while on the US soil, this model has been completely absent since 1997. Everything is about to change, though, with the arrival of the all-new 2020 L663. The entry-level TITAN is already a well-equipped truck, but if you require solid off-road capability, then the PRO-4X model is the best choice in the line-up. In 2020, it gets a refresh, bearing more efficient headlights, new DRLs, standard Nissan Safety Shield 360 tech, and the usual all-terrain goodies that you won’t find on other trims. The majority of buyers would choose a Lexus GX 460 for its powerful presence on the road, premium cabin and superior reliability, but this SUV is also marketed as a very capable off-roader for those drivers who do not compromise on the comfort even when driving through miles of mud and sand. While the 2020 F-150 Raptor does not seem to be coming with the anticipated supercharged V8 from the Shelby GT500, the US-based PaxPower came out with a custom conversion package to bring supercharged power to Ford’s fans. This Japanese giant was last redesigned a decade ago, so the upcoming 2020 refresh is truly a big deal. The most noticeable exterior upgrade is the introduction of Nissan’s latest V-motion front fascia with the flat section at the bottom. Unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, Protos RM-X2 is the first model from the US-based Ramsmobile that belongs to the segment of all-terrain capable multi-purpose vehicle. It is currently offered in two modifications, Ascetic and Devil, with the latter one equipped with a unique central-mounted track system.

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A perfect off-roader is the one that you can drive daily without. Compromising any comforts but when the need arises it should be ready to swerve. Off the paved routes and dig through miles of mud sand and rock luckily today's automotive.

Arena has a bunch of capable vehicles. And a CV and Becca body styles that are ideal for the task and in this episode. We'll be exploring the newest models in the segment that you just can't miss subscribe to automotive?

Territory and ring the bell if you want to stay informed about the all new cars and trucks and enjoy the ride Land. Rover Defender a fully redesigned generation of the defender.

Has not been introduced for decades while on the US soil this model has been completely absent since 1997. Everything is about to change though with the arrival of the all-new 2020 L 663 engineered to comply with?

Global calculations and expected to be sold in 128 territories the Brit is arriving in two body:

Styles 5-door defender 110 followed by the short wheelbase.


Three-door 90 the exterior design keeps the appeal of the iconic boxy shape but any other feature.

Makes it a true off-roader of the 21st century for power trains. Are initially an offer to 2-liter turbo Diesel's 2-liter turbo gasoline. And the range-topping 2.0 litre straight-six mild hybrid that outputs 395 horsepower and 460 own feet their problem might:

Is ensured by the 11.5 inches of air suspension standard permanent all-wheel drive with the two-speed! Transfer case Land Rover terrain response to locking Center and rear differentials Chevrolet Colorado.

Zr2 though unveiled on October 29th in the updated Colorado zr2 off-roader should not be expected to hit the market right away as it is actually a 2021.

Model considering that the competition in this segment has toughened after the arrival.

Of the new Ford Ranger and chip gladiator GM decided to further.

Off-road truck

Differentiate this year too by giving it a unique look the off-road: Colorado is currently the only model to feature the latter.

Front end while it's badge has changed golden skin to glass black and moved to the side to signify its all-terrain toughness: The co 2 features a 2 inch suspension lift electronic locking differentials more exposed front.

Tires for a maximized approach angle and the exclusive DSS v position sensitive dampers mechanical specifications as well as the interior updates. Remain under wraps but we do not expect? The currently standard 380 horsepower 3.6 liter v6 to be replaced Nissan Patrol the Japanese chant was last redesigned a decade ago so the upcoming?

2020 refresh is truly a big deal the most noticeable exterior upgrade:

Is the introduction of the Nissan's vmotion front fascia with the flat section at the bottom standard headlights:

Are now boomerang-shaped LEDs while the rear gets new taillights with sequential turn signals the entry-level!

4x4 vehicles

Engine for the Patrol is a 4.0 liter v6 but the power-hungry should be looking? In the direction of the five point six liter v8 with 400 HP and 413 pound feet out put the extra might of the eight!

Cylinder is enhanced by the outstanding all-terrain.

Capabilities offered by the variable 4x4 modes Nissan's hydraulic body motion control adaptive suspension system blacking rear and helical!

Limited-slip differentials the upgraded interior treats occupants with diamond quilted seats triple! Zone climate control dual screen infotainment and superior safety ratings courtesy of the Nissan intelligent.

Mobility suite and advanced airbag system ram rabble TRX the TRX concept from ram was first presented back in 2016 as company's. Alternative to Ford's f-150 Raptor now the performance of rotor has been finally greenlit for production and it is rumored to hit the market by 2022.

Unfortunately FC decided not to reveal any detailed information about the TRX suits actual specifications remain a mystery? For now rumors suggest that the new pickup will be getting huge 37-inch tires Arabi locking.

New models

Differentials in each axle and Bilstein shocks at all four corners resulting in over thirteen inches of suspension travel the production. TRX is also expected to carry a supercharged?

6.2 liter Hellcat v8 cranking out 707 horses.

It could be made at steer 4-wheel Drive and a 10 speed auto gearbox instead of the previously discussed 8-speed in addition there: Is a small chance that there will be an option of an even mightier. Demon's 840 horsepower engine on Lexus GX o R the majority of buyers would choose a Lexus gx460.

For its powerful presence on the roads Premium!

Cabin and superior reliability but the CCV is also marketed.

As a very capable of ruder for! Those drivers who do not want to compromise to highlight the readiness.

All-terrain capabilities

Of the 2020 GX to take on any challenge Lexus recently built an over landing equipped concept based on its platform the most:

Remarkable upgrades include icon suspension with remote reservoirs frame sliders from CBI full under body armor stock F sport! Wheels wrapped in general all-terrain tires safari snorkel and concealed winch the after it adventures are aided. With a 160 watt solar panel 50 inch LED light bar and the ally box storage cases!

On the roof it must be mentioned that though not available through a dealership an Alexis owner can buy these accessories through third. Party vendors Ford f-150 Raptor buybacks power while the 2020 f-150 Raptor does not seem to be coming with the anticipated:

Supercharged v8 from the Shelby gt500 us-based VAX power came out with the custom conversion package to bring the supercharged power to Ford's: Fans instead of taking a stat v6 powered Raptor!

And swapping intention the brand chose another strategy equipping and me 2015 through 2019 f-150 platinum with authentic Raptor body and chassis parts this way. The truck keeps the original powertrain represented by 5.0 liter v8 and the tennspeed Auto which is now paired with!

A 2.9 liter Whipple twin-screw supercharger increasing the output to 758 horses it also gets Starcraft rogue! Row two bumpers hood skid plates and fenders but even more from capable aftermarket options are also available.

Awd suv

The suspension becomes much beefier and offers?

Six inches of added lift and four inches of track width if you are enjoying our format. It is a perfect time to leave a like under the video bear in mind. That we have much more informative content so once you're done watching this episodes consider following.

The links in the description and formation cards let's keep going Nissan Titan pro-4x the entry-level Titan is only. A well equipped truck but if you require solid off-road.

Capability then the pro-4x model is the best choice in the lineup and 2020 it gets you refresh. Bearing more efficient headlights new gr ELLs standard Nissan: Safety shield 360 tach and the usual all-terrain goodies that you won't find on other trends when riding unknown:

Flat surfaces the hill descent control keeps the brake pressure and speed under control so you can enjoy a smooth.

Descent furthermore the true mystic work with Bilstein off-road shocks a rear differential full electronic locking? And a massive front skid plate on the!

Specifications review

Inside this truck is differentiated by exclusive red stitching and special engravings on the seats the off-road Titan derives power from a standard five point. Six liter engine rated at 400 horses and four 13 pound-feet of torque. That now comes paired with a 9 speed automatic Toyota Sequoia.

TRD pro the largest SUV from Toyota has got more than a decade without.

A major redesign but for the 2020 model year the 7-seater behemoth is arriving with the TRD pro treatment for the first.

Time in its history the upgrades include the installation. Of the new Fox performance internal bypass dampers both at the front and rear 18-inch forged.

VBS wheels and a heavy duty front skid plate that truly makes a difference? Of roads the power still comes from a 5.7 liter v8 engine paired with a six-speed electronically controlled automatic this. Drivetrain makes 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque plus the multimode four-wheel drive.

Comes standard on the Sequoia and uses the new Torsen central.

Locking differential for optimal torque distribution in addition!

The SUV receives upgraded multimedia and audio systems with Android auto apple carplay and Amazon Alexa compatibility bollinger b1 and b2 after a rather long development. Process and minor delays the boxy looking electric SUV and pickup:

Of rotors with michigan-based start up seem to be on the track for:

Hitting the market by 2022 the recently.

Unveiled performance figures of the production variants of these Bollinger's: Have surpassed the concept quarter s6 by a wide margin the dual motor. Setup is choose by 122 what our battery to yield 614 horsepower.

And 668 on feet of torque it is enough to ensure 7,500 pounds towing and 5,000 pounds payload. Capacities with the EPA estimated range of 200 miles built in the. Same platform both the b1 and b2 have 15 inches of ground clearance all aluminum bodies ready to take heavy bidding and the interior components have!

Been sealed for up to 36 inches of water fording: Finally the underbelly of these vehicles is made of aviation grade carbon. Kevlar making it resistant to scratches and catches from roots rocks and branches.

Rams mobile protis unveiled at the 20 in Frankfurt Auto Show this is the first model from the us-based Rams mobile. That belongs to the segment of ultra incapable multi-purpose vehicle the produce is built on the carbon.

Fiber monocoque chassis with hydropneumatic suspension providing 12 inches of travel and it's currently offered and two modifications.

Ascetic and devil the latter one offers 22 24 inch wheel options and be reinforced by Kevlar! Or carbon and gets a unique central mounted truck system that is engaged and the toughest Road conditions it seats six passengers features. Real gold trim and a variety of power trains from the LC five gasoline to a fully!

Electric wanna what do you think about these newcomers how will they manage? With over landing and off-roading challenges share your thoughts. In the comments below the video proceed to watching other episodes of automotive territory by following?

The links on the screen subscribe leave a like share and? As always may the torque be with you:

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