10 New Off-Road SUVs with Indestructible Body-on-Frame Designs in 2021

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SUV-like body styles are currently dominating passenger vehicle sales, but in reality only a fraction of those models are actually keeping the original body on frame designs without switching to crossover unibodies. This trend is considered especially detrimental to offroading capabilities of the class, so each new legitimate sport utility is welcomed with open arms. Today we will demonstrate to you the newest true SUVs of 2021 with outstanding All-terrain skills and aggressive offroading spirits. These machines refuse to yield to modern pacifying trends in Automaking and can impress the most hardcore adventurers out there. 2021 Jeep V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept teases the upcoming production model, which has been already spied on the roads. Though we don’t know whether all of its wild exterior features will be transferred to the series Wrangler, one thing looks like a done deal – and it is the brand new 6.4-litre V8 that makes 450 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. Without a doubt this is the most anticipated release from Ford in years, that specifically targets the fan base of the segment’s leader, Jeep Wrangler. The iconic Bronco moniker is returning as an entire family of legit body on frame off-roaders. You feel kinda disappointed that the new Defender assumed a crossover construction, take a look at this spiritual successor of the original model. The Grenadier is built by the automotive division of the chemicals manufacturer Ineos in cooperation with many industry-leading brands, such as BMW and Magna Steyr. Rebuilt from ground up, the 12th generation Suburban arrives sitting on the GMT T1XX platform and features 98% of new components. The huge SUV gets 6 trim levels, but if you are looking for the off-road capable version of the 8-seater, then the Z71 mode is the way to go. In the era of gigantic SUVs, an off-roader cannot be too big, so the new generation of GM full-sizers are all arriving with dedicated all-terrain trims and packages. In the case of the Yukon and Yukon XL, it is the AT4 model. For the 2021 model year, the 4Runner's off-road TRD Pro trim returns with important updates intended to keep the aging mid-size competitive on the market. The model rolls out with a new, stunning Lunar Rock exterior scheme, and offers standard LED headlights, new 17-inch dark gray TRD wheels, and revised Fox shocks. After 12 years on the market, 2020 Toyota Sequoia still tries to stay relevant by acquiring its first TRD Pro treatment in history. It gets new FOX® Performance Shocks with piggyback reservoirs, an HD skidplat upfront, and 18-inch BBS wheels wrapped in 32-inch Michelin LTX all-terrain tires. 2020 Ford Troller TX4 is the range-topping version of Troller’s T4 truck that features additional off-road equipment and custom interior design. Also marketed as the Nissan Armada in North America, the Patrol platform dates back nearly 70 years and occupies a special spot in the hearts of adventurers. The Lexus GX460 has gone for 11 years without a major redesign, so today we would rather take a look at the GXOR concept recently introduced by the Japanese to show off the overlanding potential.

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Sport utility vehicle

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