10 Future Motorcycles YOU MUST SEE

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Every year a lot of conceptual motorcycle models are created in the world. Some are created to really go into production and some simply demonstrate a new technological solutions for the use of further models. And today we present to you the 10 most amazing Future Motorcycles!

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Hi there every year a lot of conceptual?

Motorcycle models are created throughout the world some are created to really.

10 future motorcycles

Go into production in due time and some simply demonstrate a new technological solution for the use of future models and today we present. To you the 10 most amazing future motorcycles Akrapovic full-moon concept motorcycle the full-moon concept motorcycle from Slovenian exhaust pioneers. Akrapovic may not be the result of a full moon taking its name.

From the large aluminum in carbon 30-inch will but its design and look are nothing short of unique the Akrapovic concept offers further improved? Performance features such as two modified custom-made exhausts automated steering to reduce the amount of visible.

Future motorcycles

Cables and its hydraulic suspension that can keep the bike upright when parked the concept features! An SNS knucklehead fifteen hundred and twenty four cc engine the body and frame? Are made entirely of sheet metal and is an extension of the exhaust system designed as a continuation of their.

2011 Morse's bike the full-moon manages to move the story forward while presenting itself as a completely different exciting. Prototype machine yamaha motor oi the yamaha motor or concept is an intelligent AI enabled self riding self-balancing electric motorcycle that looks more like a sci-fi movie prop! Than a fully functioning motorcycle concept the futuristic concept utilizes new technology to allow the bike to remain upright even standing firm.

Future motorcycle

When forcibly pushed and it can drive autonomously to the Yamaha motorized artificial intelligence. Is pretty clever and it's able to recognize his rider using biometrics:

And facial recognition and what's more it can even react to hand gestures making it able to come when called start the bike and turn it off to make!


The connection between human rider and motorcycle even closer Yamaha has designed. The motoroi with the help of psychologists. Who came up with the idea for the strange wings that hugged the rider's.

Rear according to Yamaha these rear wings gently squeeze the rider's lower back when the bike travels at frightening. Speeds and offers reassuring caresses to keep the rider calm yo Hummer j1 the yo Hummer j1 claiming! The title of the first production electric bike with a 125 mile range features an aluminum chassis and plastic bodywork it has a top rated.


Speed of 75 miles per hour the battery pack is situated below the rider while the electric motor and controller are in the rear wheel. Supported by a single side box-section aluminum swing arm the twin front swing arms employ hub center steering: Each in connects to a horizontal shock absorber within the chassis the bike is equipped?

With a reverse gear for ease of parking while turning the throttle for.

Motorcycles of the future

Provides braking in regenerative battery power the. Disc brakes are used for low speed braking the handlebars and foot pegs are adjustable the yo Homer has no central. Instrument panel and data is displayed by LED windows:

In the rear view mirrors Zek oo Japanese designer chosen ETSU with his firm's nugg design proposes a rethink of the typical electric bike with. Zecco oh he's abandoned the typical fork and tube-frame chassis in favor of an all aluminum beast.

The future of motorcycles

With a single-sided swingarm in back in hub centric steering upfront the bike can go 55 to 85 miles? On a single charge has a top speed of 75 miles per hour. And takes six hours to charge weight is a hefty six hundred and sixteen pounds.

Due primarily to the lithium-ion batteries hidden.


Under the slicked nose cone so while it's not exactly in the Superbike club it still stands up in the all-electric.

Crowd honda riding assists honda is one of the pioneers of developing the new age technology for cars and bikes alike recently honda motorcycles. Unveiled a unique feature for its motorcycles the honda riding assist it is an all-electric concept motorcycle which continually assesses its position. Furthermore it can also move the handlebar thus and make sure that the motorcycle always stays in an upright position this feature.


Is very helpful while riding the motorcycle and heavy traffic the auto balancing function.

Is always on even when the rider sits on the bike when the bike comes to a dead. Stop the rider need not put their feet on the ground for balance the motorcycle balances. Itself even while riding at very low speeds this is very useful for stop and go or slow speed?

Concept bikes

Traffic in urban cities once the rider gets off the bike it can even follow the!

Rider wherever he or she goes such as moving into the garage the BMW motorad vision next 100 motorcycle is the latest incarnation of BMWs vision next. Series which celebrates 100 years of the German brand it is a bike? That has self balancing systems to keep it upright both standing and in motion several systems one BMW calls a digital companion which offers riding?

Future bikes

Advice and adjustment ideas to optimize the experience and one called the visor which. Is a pair of glasses that span the entire field of vision. And are controlled by eye movements that correlate to return active.

Feedback about road conditions to the rider while adjusting the right of the bike continuously depending on the riders driving. Style it also purports to use a novel. Matte black flex frame that's nimble enough.


To allow the bike to turn without the joints found on today's. Motorcycles the idea is that when the rider turns the handlebars it adjusts.

The entire frame to change the direction of the bike at low speeds only a slight. Input is required while at high speeds it needs strong input.

The future of transportation

To change course this should increase the safety factor of riding a bike so a small twitch. At 100 miles per hour isn't going to shoot you in an unexpected:

New direction the Kawasaki J is a three-wheeled electric narrow track vehicle it has two front wheels with.

Electric bikes

A handle attached to each will the front wheels can stay closed. For high speed maneuvering or set further apart in cruise mode looking something like a Tron light-cycle in Kawasaki lime-green.

Livery the J is able to morph between riding positions sport mode that allows the rider to carve through corners at high speeds. And a higher stance or comfort mode in which the distance between the front wheels. Are widened for a more relaxed urban cruising style steering wise the J has neither a will or handlebars instead employing two levers.

Electric motorcycles

That seem akin to those found on zero turn right on lawn mowers. Details of the all-electric vehicles drivetrain are scant but Kawasaki says the J concept makes use of its proprietary battery management technology!

And Giga sell a high-capacity nickel metal hydride battery neutron! Bike parker brothers vehicle named the neutron bike puts out a top speed. Level of 100 miles per hour further it uses no gas or combustion engine power.


The neutron bike runs entirely on an electric motor system with a fully charged system running on a lithium-ion battery pack the bike.

Currently travels up to 80 miles oh and there's no room for a passenger.

The neutron bike is a one-person vehicle only the gas version is already pegging a price tag of at least. $55,000 at retail so market watchers expect.

The electric bike to hit the range a slight bit higher both bikes. Are early entries into what will likely be the template for futuristic? Motorcycles over the next 10 to 15 years BMW K 75 alpha bullet bike design irma.

Met durak airdam and builder mark atkinson have joined. Forces to bring to life the BMW K 75 alpha bullet bike the custom-made. Design is based on a Salt Flats racer concept.

The construction of the custom bike took a long time as airdam did not have someone to build it this changed. When airdam decided to work with machinist mark Atkinson of Salt Lake City to build the bike Adkinson could not get in touch with airdam. At first however he went ahead and began working on the bike anyway he had a wrecked.

BMW K 75 motorcycle which he used to construct the chassis for the engine the aerodynamic nose of the Alfa was made? From a combination of basalt in carbon and basalt. Blend the basalt is a lava rock it is extruded into strings.

And woven into a cloth similar to carbon fiber the Alpha bullet bike is powered by the K 75 740 cc inline. 3 cylinder BMW engine the engine is similar to the m10.

In the s 52 car engines the Alpha bullet bike? Could probably be made street-legal as it has lights turn signals.

And a horn however according to mike if the bike is not the most user-friendly bike out there Lazarus. LM 8:47 a French motorcycle manufacturer named Lazarus builds and sells.

A limited edition Maserati powered motorcycle named LM 847 that's unlike anything you've. Ever seen as its name loosely implies the bike is built around a 4.7 liter v8 that's normally found between the fenders. Of a Maserati GranTurismo it makes 470 horsepower at 7,000 rpms and 457 pound-feet of torque @ 4750 rpms stop for a second and think about.

This 470 horsepower in a motorcycle that weighs less than 900 pounds it's basically an engine. With a seat and wheels attached to it Lazarus promises the LM 847 goes! From 0 to 90 miles per hour in just a few seconds it rides on 4 17-inch wheels wrapped by michelin power cup Evo.

Tires and it relies on 8 piston brakes up front that work with an ABS system to bring the action to a stop.

A trick independent suspension allows it to lean into turns the LM 847 is priced about. 225 thousand dollars which seems like a small price to pay for such an out-of-this-world.

Machine production of the LM 847 is limited to just ten that's all for today write in the comments which of these motorcycles. You like most and don't forget to put like if you like this video thanks for watching.

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