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There are a variety of vehicles available in the Philippine market today but pickup trucks. Are the most preferred one because of its usefulness and its inherent sturdiness. Although these characteristics can be found on its SUV buddy as well the open truck bed with.

Four passenger camp gives pickup trucks flexibility that an SUV lacks people choose pickups for a variety of reasons but mostly because of the open. Or closed truck bed that can fill up some cargo and delivery needs getting the perfect pickup. For your needs and money is not an easy task to do because this vehicle class!

Is very different from most cars but if you are looking for the best pickups available in the market and you don't know where to start. Well look no further what's up guys and welcome to another craft episode in this video we're going.

To show you the list of the 10 best pickup trucks available in the metro if you find this video.

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Just to clarify things up the ten lists will be presented randomly.

And not in chronological order it's hard to argue which deserves the number-one spot but it's easier to present the ten best. Among the rest it's for you to decide what you think top says number one first in our list Chevrolet Colorado. Chevrolet's pickup lineage goes back decades and Colorado is one of the most powerful pickup.

Trucks you can get on this list the Duramax 2.5 liters and 2.8 liters turbo diesel engines?

Have outputs of 163 horsepower and 380 Newton meters of torque and 200 horsepower and 500 Newton meters of torque respectively Ford Ranger the Ford: Ranger is one of the most successful pickups in the Philippines and with the introduction of the new Biturbo and 10 speed automatic variants these! Significant updates help keep this handsomely equipped truck on top the 2.0 liters by turbo diesel has a significant output of 210 horsepower and 500 Newton.

Meters of torque and the 2.2 liters turbo diesel gives 158 horsepower. And 385 Newton meters of torque Ford Ranger Raptor one look and you know that the Ford Ranger Raptor?

Is unlike your typical Ranger imposing looks and a plethora of enhancements to on-road. And off-road capability make the Ranger Raptor the current king of performance pickups under the hood is the recently introduced.

Pick up trucks philippines

2.0 liters by turbo diesel which gives out 210 horsepower and 500 Newton meters of torque made it to a 10 speed. Automatic transmission that is borrowed from its bigger brother the f-150 Raptor photon Thunder looking:

For your value-packed pick up workhorse then look no further than the photon: Thunder with a good selection of trim levels ranging from 4x2 and 4x4 and a number of safety features and creature. Comforts you'll be getting the same 2.8 liters Cummins turbo diesel mated to a 5-speed manual or automatic power output is rated at 113:

Horsepower and 365 Newton meters of torque Isuzu d-max the Isuzu d-max has one of the widest selection of configurations and trims levels in the pickup segment today.

Ranging from just a cabin chassis to a full-blown. Double cab five seater option whichever one you get you'll be treated to is OSIS legendary diesel. Engines that range from the famed 1.9 liters are z4e that.

Makes 148 horsepower and 350 Newton meters of torque the 2.5 liters that has an output of 163 horsepower and 380 Newton meters. Of torque and the 3.0 liters that's good for 175 horsepower and 380 Newton meters.

Of torque Mazda bt-50 the Mazda bt-50 is a distant cousin.

Of the Ford Ranger but with a slightly more curvy and swooping exterior that lends itself to being a good-looking pick up the bt-50 is available. With a 4x2 configuration in the 2.2 liters. Engine that has 150 horsepower and 375 Newton meters of torque with either a 6-speed manual or automatic!

A 4x4 variant is also available and has a 3.2 litres 200 horsepower engine.

With 470 Newton meters of torque Mitsubishi strata the Mitsubishi Strada comes updated with new dynamic. Shield styling English lieu of safety upgrades keeping it a formidable: Contender in the midsize pickup segment the update comes with their.

Removal of the older 2.5 liters now adopting:

A new 2.4 liters diesel engine that produces 181 horsepower and 400 30 Newton. Meters of torque mated to either a 6-speed. Manual or automatic in either 4x2 or 4x4 configurations Nissan Navara the Nissan Navara offers Nissan go anywhere pedigree.

In a comfortable and handsome package updated with safety features and Nissan intelligent mobility. In the form of an around view monitor the navbar?

Will always be among the top choices for a midsize pickup. In the country having a single engine choice.

Power outputs vary from 163 horsepower and 403 Newton meters of torque. In the lower trims and the higher trim levels enjoying 190 horsepower and 415 Newton meters of torque you also have.

A selection of 4x4 and 4x4 options with a 6-speed manual or automatic Ssangyong Musso the south korean manufacturer. Ssangyong has been on a good streak with their products recently and the all-new! Moon so as their competitive entry in the midsize pickup.

Segment with a focus on being comfortable the mousou.

Presents a premium cabin in notable creature comforts such as heating and cooling seats: Available in one 4x2 trim the 2.2 liters engine generates 179 horsepower and 420 Newton meters of torque being. Marketed as a luxury utility pickup this is a top choice if you are looking.

For refinement finally Toyota Hilux since 1968 the Hilux name has stood proudly among pickups and the.

Eighth generation Toyota Hilux stands ready to carry on the tradition potent engine choices. And upgrades to comfort and creature comforts make the Hilux a good all-around R for those looking for a midsize pickup where work. And playing 2.4 liters into 2.8 liters turbo diesel.

Engine options present themselves in the Hilux.

Lineup with 147 horsepower and 343 Newton meters. Of torque for the former and 174 horsepower and 415 Newton meters of torque for the latter 4x2 and 4x4 choices?

In the selection of five and six-speed manual and matic transmissions are also available depending on the trim level which of this 10 pickup!

Trucks do you think deserves the first spot tell us in the comment section below thanks for watching. Don't forget to Like subscribe and hit the bell icon to be updated? Of our latest episodes.

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